The brand RKG Ghee has grown over the years due to consistency in its Quality, Purity, Flavour and Supply.

World Class Hygienic Quality

RKG Ghee is produced & packed through automated machines. Once the butter is placed for Melting then cooking, Clarification, Granulation and Packaging is automated and the finished product is then placed in containers for shipping.

Secret of

Our Quality

Our ghee is cooked using steam produced from firewood.

We melt the butter and cook the butter in kettles to optimum temperature to produce RKG Ghee.

The cooked ghee is then Clarified and Granulated naturally.

The Final ghee produced is checked in our inhouse lab before it gets packed.

The Granulated ghee is packed to the required Sku's untouched in automated machines.

The Finished Product is ready to be transported using our reliable forwarders all over Tamilnadu and Kerala.

  • Generating steam

  • Melting Butter

  • Cooking Ghee

  • Clarification & Granulation

  • Quality Check

  • Packing

  • Ready to Ship

Top ghee exporter in India



"We have an Inhouse lab capable at testing microbiological parameters for butter and chemical analysis parameters for ghee.
Butter is tested right for pavement of raw material fill the finished ghee rally of out of on factory. We have in house in house chemist & microbiologist at on factory.

"In House Laboratory for
Quality Check"