RKG ghee plant has been certified by the Export Inspection Agency which is a central govt. certifying body.EIA audits infrastructure of the factory, monitors our quality on procurement, production, packaging, quality through various lab tests and issues a health certificate for each shipment.

ISO 22000

ISO 9001:2000 Helps keeping our unit very organised. HACCP Helps in food safety management. We are certified ISO 22000 by TUV SUD Which is combination of both ISO 9001:2000 & HACCP. We have 2 audits a year before annual ISO renewal.


In countries like Singapore and Malaysia it is mandatory to have Halal Certification to ensure that the product is not adulterated with anything Haram as per Islamic Law. Therefore we have our unit certified by an organisation recognised by the Govt of Malaysia and Singapore.


AGMARK license is issued by govt. of india and RKG is one of the first ghee companies in india to get agmark certification in 1952. The state agmark grading station checks the quality of ghee after production, certifies each batch of ghee produced and also cross checks the quality of our product in market to ensure the food safety of consumers.


This is certify that the product RKG ghee has been assessed and found to comply with the requirement of 'Kosher'.
This certificate is valid for the product "Processing and Supply of Ghee"





Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). RKG has been certified AEO. AEO provides businesses with an internationally recognised security standard and certifies an entity as a “secure” and “reliable” trade partner.